Cafe on the Boulevard

“Boulevard” is originally a French word which later became internationalized. It is a street with a green walkway and a large pedestrian zone for resting and walking. A boulevard is a most interesting street reflecting the specific qualities and nature of the surroundings. No wonder many guidebooks to European cities strongly advise visiting the famous boulevards: the Montparnasse district of Paris, La Rambla in Barcelona, the Boulevard Ring Planty in Poland - the list is endless.

Boulevards have the most interesting shops, the most beautiful walkways, and also the best cafes. The area where "Boulevard Cafe" is located has always been a landmark for Volgograd’s residents. This is the place where they have met for appointments, rested, and strolled for many years. In creating “Boulevard Cafe”, we wanted to build a space that would fit well with the atmosphere of this unique place. The result was this cafe, which we believe will be an ideal meeting place for years to come while remaining fashionable and relevant to different generations of our city’s residents.

European Style Cuisine — “Boulevard Cafe”

In spite of its international status, the concept of "Boulevard" still retains its old-fashioned elegance and easy European chic. Therefore, in creating “Boulevard Cafe”, we had no doubt about the culinary direction to choose – Europe, of course.
At its core, European cuisine is a blend of all the best culinary traditions of many nations. These are culinary delights and time-tested home style recipes. Despite the differences in cooking, European cuisine commonly features:

  • Only natural fresh foods;
  • Only natural spices;
  • Non-fat healthy meals;
  • Traditional domestic cooking.

At “Boulevard Cafe”, we have embodied the basic principle of European cuisine: natural ingredients for healthy treats.
At our restaurant, you can enjoy hearty tasty dishes made with fresh products, natural spices, homemade pasta and smoked dishes. One of the key areas of the kitchen "Boulevard Cafe" are grilled dishes, which have caught the fancy of our guests, and that is our hallmark.

Culinary Seasons

Our guests are accustomed to the fact that, depending on the season in “Boulevard Cafe”, it is certainly possible to try something new from the European cuisine we offer. Each season we have a unique menu that you can explore only here.
When it gets frosty, we satisfy our visitors with dishes from the “Meat Barbecue”, such as hot meat cooked on charcoal, a hot pan with cold cuts, or a juicy steak. In the offseason, when there is slush outside, we offer bright Italian dishes and mulled wine. And when it is hot, we pamper our guests with dishes made with fresh vegetables, grilled meat and we also offer cool cocktails.

European Service

We offer our guests a European level of service. Here in the democratic atmosphere you can relax in the afternoon, enjoying light music at lunch. And in the evening you can feel the joy of life with a glass of great wine and a plate of homemade Italian pasta. We start work early in the morning, so we wait for you again at the breakfast table with an excellent cup of refreshing coffee.